Position Name Description E-mail
District Committee Member Chris T. District 8 Chairperson and Area 92 Committee Member / CEO dcm@northidahoaa.org
Alternate District Committee Member Cam L. Alternate to DCM altdcm@northidahoaa.org
Treasurer Rebecca E. District 8 Treasurer / CFO treasurer@northidahoaa.org
Alternate Treasurer Lyndsey C. Alternate to Treasurer altreasurer@northidahoaa.org
Secretary Stephanie H District Secretary secretary@northidahoaa.org
3rd Legacy Committee Benjamin G. 3rd Legacy / Service Committee Chairperson 3rdlegacy@northidahoaa.org
Activities Committee Sally A. Activities Chairperson activities@northidahoaa.org
Archives Committee Joel S. Archives Chairperson archives@northidahoaa.org
Corrections Committee Rolf M. Corrections Chairperson corrections@northidahoaa.org
CPC / Cooperation with the Professional Community Committee Nathan B. CPC Chairperson cpc@northidahoaa.org
Literature Committee Curtis A. Literature Chairperson literature@northidahoaa.org
Newsletter Gina H. Newsletter Editor newsletter@northidahoaa.org
Public Information Committee Gail H. PI Committee Chairperson publicinfo@northidahoaa.org
Treatment / Accessibilities Committee Rachel H. Treatment Committee Chairperson treatment@northidahoaa.org
Web Committee James C. Chairperson for Website and Web Committee webchair@northidahoaa.org